The lack of access to safe and cold water in summers is the reason why thousands of people die because of dehydration during heat waves. 
#PyaasBujhaoNaikiKamao is a campaign initiated by Canon Appliances to play their part in solving this problem millions of Pakistanis face.
Canon initiated this series of good deeds by joining hands with Akhuwat Foundation and  installing Canon Water Coolers in Pakistan’s first free University, Akhuwat University, Kasur. 
Canon Water Cooler is the first one to use a Food Grade Stainless Steel Water Tank that can easily stand harsh temperatures without forming any rust. It comes with a new improved compressor  Canon Water Cooler is bound to stay intact even after years of use.
The purpose of this Campaign #PyaasBujhaoNaikiKamao is to encourage and allow more people to donate water coolers in different public spaces such as Mosques, Schools, Hospitals, Colleges, Roadsides or any social welfare institute  so that people have easy access to cold water in extremely hot weather. 
To encourage more people to join hands in this campaign Canon Appliances offered lower prices than in the market, easy interest free installments and free delivery all over Lahore. 

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