Canon Home Appliances recently arranged a free Eye Camp in collaboration with Lions Club of Lahore Host. We at Canon are committed to give back to society and the deserving people and our commitment is what makes us unique. Canon Home Appliances is always looking for avenues to help and create a difference in the society. 

We believe that people who work very hard should have easy access to basic healthcare facilities as they can continue to work if they are physically and mentally fit. We neglect our eye health very often but in reality we know that our eyesight is one of the most important senses as it determines 80% of what we perceive. Protecting your eyesight is very important as it reduces the risks of vision loss, blindness, and any other developing eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. 

Getting your eyesight checked is a preventative maintenance measure which everyone should adhere to, as it can stop any further underlying conditions. 

Canon Home Appliances took this initiative to ensure the wellbeing of the people. Over 300+ patients showed up and were examined and treated in a day. 

Canon Home Appliances aims to continue helping those who deserve it and keep making a difference with our actions in this society.

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